Supply Chain

CARGO DROP LOGISTICSFrom the vendor to the end-consumer, Cargo Drop Logistics oversee all processes within the supply chain, securing your material flow and accelerating throughput times.

We Are Dedicated In Creating The Best Route To The Success Of Your Business


The requirements of the customers are just as diverse as the industries from which they come. So Cargo Drop Logistics precisely coordinate solution that contribute to the success businesses. That’s why we always rely on a close combination of logistics and industry expertise. For only when both are added together are we able to really develop the best and most efficient logistics solutions.

What we offer you:

  • International end-to-end supply chain services across customers’ primary trade flow routes.
  • Local representation in key trade centre’s enabling seamless solutions to customers, ensuring accountability and responsiveness.
  • Special industry expertise.
  • Flexible logistics solutions from regional to global
  • Strong international partner networks with diverse priorities.
  • Competent customs consultancy for faster, more cost-effective import procedures.
  • High load safety standards and industry-specific special equipment.
  • Innovative IT tools for supply chain analysis and monitoring.


“Let Our Advance Worrying Become Advance Thinking and Planning.”


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